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Our menu

  • Starters Open or Close

    Beechwood-smoked fillet of trout with horseradish, cranberries, butter and toast
    8,90 €

    Terrine of salmon and rainbow trout served on two sauces, salad bouquet, butter and baguette
    9,50 €

    Home-pickled salmon trout with a delicate honey and mustard sauce, butter and toast
    10,40 €

    "Klosterfischer" starter plate
    Exquisite medley of our delicious fish starters with butter and toast
    13,90 €

    Bruscetta topped with garlic and herb paste and diced tomato and baked
    7,20 €

  • Soups Open or Close

    Cream of salmon trout soup
    5,40 €

    Clear fish soup with fillets of our top-quality fish
    5,20 €

    ·        Beef consommé refined with smoked meat, tomato essence, fresh mushrooms and julienne peppers
    4,90 €

    Pureed potato soup, served in the skin
    6,20 €

    Rose Zordel’s fish soup with saffron dip, parmesan and baguett
    6,20 €

  • Fish dishes Open or Close

    "Klosterfischer" fish fillet plate
    Fillets of salmon trout, trout and brook trout with a Riesling and lobster sauce, served with potatoes and a mixed salad
    18,90 €

    Fillet of salmon trout with a garlic sauce, white pasta and a mixed salad
    16,90 €

    ·        Home-style fillet of salmon trout topped with a lobster and shrimp foam and baked, served with green pasta and a leafy salad
    17,90 €

    Butter-roasted Florentine fillet of trout on a bed of spinach leaves, topped with Hollandaise sauce and baked, served with potatoes
    16,10 €

    Roast fillet of brook trout on a bed of oyster mushrooms, garnished with olives, tomatoes and basil, served with wild rice
    18,40 €

    French-style fillet of brook trout served on a champagne sauce with crayfish and a scallop, served with wild rice and a leafy salad
    19,50 €

    A fillet of pike-perch, baked in butter with rösti (potatoe) and a leafy salad
    17,10 €

    A fillet of pike-perch “Vincent” baked in butter with a sauce of oranges and green pepper, with mixed noodles and a leafy salad
    17,90 €

    Fillet of silure “miller”, baked in butter with pepper-wine-sauce, potatoes and a mixed salad
    22,40 €

    Silure “blue”, steamed in a wine-decoction with dill sauce, potatoes and a leafy salad
    22,40 €

    Trout fried crisp with remoulade and a mixed salad
    14,50 €

    Trout “blue”, steamed in a wine-decoction with butter, potatoes and a green salad
    14,50 €

    Trout “miller”, baked in butter, with potatoes and a mixed salad
    14,50 €

    Trout “gastronomer”, baked in butter, with almonds, potatoes and a mixed salad
    15,80 €

    Fisherman’s plate, from 2 people
    Fillets of salmon trout, catfish, sander, brook trout and trout with two sauces, various side dishes and a mixed salad
    per person 24,60 €


  • Meat dishes Open or Close

    Tender fillet of chicken with aromatic grilled vegetables on a timbale of rice
    15,90 €

    Medallions of pork in a creamy pepper sauce, served with fried potatoes and a mixed salad
    15,90 €

    ·        Wiener Schnitzel (breaded veal escalope) with fries and a mixed salad
    17,90 €

    Swabian-style fried beef and onions with home-made Spätzle noodles and a mixed salad
    19,90 €

  • Vegetarian/salads Open or Close

    Potato and leek gratin
    11,50 €

    Pasta and broccoli gratin
    11,50 €

    Colourful vegetable rice with fresh grilled vegetables and a creamy sauce
    11,50 €

    "Klosterfischer" salad plate
    Mixed seasonal salad with strips of smoked trout and salmon trout, served with a creamy dressing
    14,60 €

    "Joschka" salad plate
    Large colourful salad plate with roast fillet strips of our top-quality fish, served with baguette
    15,90 €


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