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Places to visit

The Castles and Gardens of Blankenburg

The Castles and Gardens of Blankenburg


Of course it is possible to tour Michaelstein Monastery, with its well-preserved cloisters, monks’ hall, auditorium, arcade, chapel, and herb garden. The museum, which exhibits a large number of historic musical instruments, is worth a visit. The monastery belongs to the nearby town of Blankenburg, which has other castles and gardens of its own that can be visited.

Info: www.blankenburg.dewww.romanikstrasse.de

UNESCO world heritage site Quedlinburg

UNESCO world heritage site Quedlinburg

(20 minutes)

Mentioned in a document as far back as 922, Quedlinburg was a palatinate city in the medieval Holy Roman Empire German Nation for a long time. The intact substance of the old city with over 1300 half-timbered houses from eight centuries transmits an impressive sense of past greatness. The main attraction is the “Schlossberg” (castle mountain) with its church and castle.

Info: www.quedlinburg.dewww.unesco-welterbe.de

Stalactite caves and mines: An underground experience

An underground experience

(15 minutes)

On the way to the western town, you come to the exhibition mine Büchenberg and the famous Rübeländer stalactite caves. The Baumann and Herrmann caves contain stalactite grottoes and crystal chambers that create a fascinating underground world.

Info: http://www.oberharzinfo.de/unsere-orte/hoehlenort-ruebeland.html

The Harz Wild West

The Harz Wild West

(20 minutes)

“Pullmann City” in Hasselfelde offers a complete western town on 100,000 square meters with everything you’d expect to find there. There are shows and entertainment –non-violent, of course – with original and spectacular acts to suit any taste and any age.

Info: http://www.westernstadt-im-harz.de/

Medieval Eagle and Falcon Farm

Medieval Eagle and Falcon Farm

(10 minutes)

Visit the romantically situated falconry in the Regenstein Fortress at the city gates of Blankenburg. Experience eagles, vultures, falcons, and buzzards soaring majestically into the sky to claim their own habitats.

Info: www.falkenhof-harz.de

Wernigerode, the half-timbered city


(15 minutes)

The lively county seat Wernigerode is ideal for a shopping trip with its cosy streets and lanes around the town’s landmark, the gothic half-timbered City Hall on the Market Square. From the impressive castle complex, you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Wernigerode and see all the way to Brocken, the highest peak in northern Germany. A guided tour through the historic rooms of the castle gives a good impression of times gone by.

Info: www.wernigerode.dewww.schloss-wernigerode.de

The Cathedral Treasury of Halberstadt

The Cathedral of Halberstadt

(20 minutes)

Like Michaelstein Monastery and the UNESCO site Quedlinburg, the lively small town of Halberstadt is situated on the historic “Romanesque road”. Guided tours of the cathedral and its treasury museum give a good impression of medieval goldsmithery and ivory carving.

Info: www.halberstadt.dehttp://www.die-domschaetze.de/

To the Brocken with the narrow gauge railway

the narrow gauge railway

(45 minutes)

The Brocken, at 1142 meters, is the tallest mountain in northern Germany. Enjoy a romantic ride through the Naturpark Hochharz with its numerous legendary sites and enjoy the fantastic view of the surrounding area from the top.

Info: https://www.hsb-wr.de/startseite/www.harztourist.de


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